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Pot of Gold 

Turning memes into pots of gold

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What makes a piece of content go viral, what is the secret ingredient that makes people want to share a piece of content with their friends? A meme is a picture, video, expression or idea that is shared from one person to another and another for no logical reason. Thanks to high speed internet, millions of people are forwarding what they find amusing to their peers. This massed online spread of a piece of content is called a meme.

Favourite memes are subjective, they strike a chord with the collective just because. A great example would be LOLcats – photos of cats with a funny caption. Rickrolling is another meme that has become so popular that it has amassed over 30 million views on Youtube. And Sad Keanu was snapped while having a quiet bite to eat & thanks to a couple more snaps the meme continued to roll, from sandwiches to helmets to cup cakes.

Interestingly the site illustrates how an ads content can become a meme. The Most Interesting Man campaign created by Euro RSCG attracted 1 million+ views. The main derivative in the commercial is the tag “I don’t always X, but when I do, I Y.” this line has been parodied in many videos, the most popular being The Most Interesting Warcraft Player in the World with 293,000+ views. The Most Interesting Man meme has even inspired other ads, such as the ad for Vitamin Water called “The Most Ridiculous Man in the World

Advertisiers too are getting on the bandwagon and turning memes into pots of gold. The double rainbow video meme now appears in an ad for Windows Live Photo Gallery and also appears as an iPhone app.

Memes are a internet phenomenon, even our industry recognizes their significance (Mashable Awards – Best Meme), so what’s your favourite meme?

Alex Allwood

About Alex Allwood

Alex Allwood is an author, speaker and businesswoman who believes that great experiences get people talking. For over twenty years she has helped brands grow by creating simple, feel-good customer experiences that people want to talk about and share with their friends and peers. Alex is the founder and CEO of The Holla Agency, a media / creative firm that specialises in creating customer experiences combining data, insights, creative and strategy to connect brands and people in the rights spaces, places and moments in time. From leadership within her organisation to leadership within the marketing communications industry, Alex is one of the founders of the Gender Diversity Group for The Communications Council and a member of the Rotary Club of Sydney Cove. Alex has been awarded a Paul Harris Fellow for her contribution to the ongoing work of Rotary.